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3500 St. Claude Avenue (near the intersection of St. Claude Ave & Gallier Street) New Orleans, LA  70117

Who is the Riverfront Alliance?

The Riverfront Alliance is made up of the historic riverfront communities in New Orleans, with members from eight neighborhood organizations:

These neighborhoods will lose valuable protections if the current CZO is implemented as-is



What does The Riverfront Alliance do?

Coordinate efforts to bring about some important changes of the draft CZO, including:

  1. Re-insert 8.1, "Toute Ensemble" and the Authority of the Vieux Carre Commission (VCC).
  2. Elimination/re-write of 18.13: Riverfront Overlay.
  3. Remove Article 5, "The Trojan Horse." - Article 5 contains loopholes that would allow large developments to be exempted from restrictions on such elements as land use, density, parking, area, signage and more.
  4. Remove new city-wide rules that allow non-amplified live music by right (and without neighborhood imput) in every food or snack venue in town, and extensions of operating hours allowed for such businesses.


Why do we need a Riverfront Alliance?

Coordinate Citizens and neighborhood organizations have never been presented with the most controversial items in the draft CZO, as required by the State Law of the Home Rule Charter. Section 5-411 "Neighborhood Participation", states:

The City shall establish by ordinance a system for organized and effective neighborhood participation in land use decisions and other issues that affect quality of life. It shall provide for timely notification to a neighborhood of any proposed Land Use Action affecting the neighborhood; it shall provide the opportunity for meaningful neighborhood participation in the formulation of the Master Plan or any amendment thereto.

Beyond not being presented with information affecting our communities, the limited presentations made by CPC never took into consideration public comments against changes made by the City Planning Commission staff: this resulted in a shell game and a constant moving target.

This website hopes to present some history as well as the wishes and hopes of the historic downtown communities in New Orleans, some citywide views, as well as what the world comes to see when they visit New Orleans. It is a privilege to build and live in historic neighborhoods, and size truly does matter!

When does the Riverfront Alliance meet?

This work pertains to the 2014 Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, now in the hands of New Orleans City Council, to be passed with a target date of January or February 2015.

There are working meetings with members and City officials as often as they can be scheduled.

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at Holy Angels, 3500 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117.


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